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Leafing the Figaro

In my last post, I had completed fabricating the Fig-Leaf Test Stand and we had just received a well needed offer for help from Pedo at IN Autos in Surrey. Apart from being experts in vehicle design and fabrication, they also specialise in EV diagnostics and repair. Pedro and his team quickly set to work designing and optimising custom mounting brackets and drive shafts to allow the Leaf drive system to be mounted to the original Figaro engine mounts. As many people know, the Figaro was designed around the K10 Micra chassis which affected many of the design decisions. Incredibly, because of the smaller size of the Leaf motor, Pedro and Antonio were able to very quickly come up with a design which improved on the original Figaro engine position.

Soon after, the mounts were fabricated and the custom driveshafts were made. We were now ready to test the Fig-Leaf’s complete drive system for the first time

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