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The Fig-Leaf at the 30th Figgiversary!

Kevin Fagan (head of the Figaro Owners Club) got in touch to Ask whether we would like to come along to the 30th Anniversary Event. Not wanting to disappoint, this gave us a deadline to have the car driving under its own power in front of hundreds of other Figaro owners. Time was ticking and there was still a mountain of work to do before the car would be ready so I needed to call in a few favours. Thankfully Steve, Jason and Pedro all worked around the clock with me to finish securing every bolt, connector and component. After a humongous effort, the car finally took to life with its complete battery for the very first time. Without a minute to spare, it was time to load the car onto the vehicle transporter (it still wasn’t road legal yet) and to set off for the event in Warwick.

We were greeted with an incredible sight, hundreds of Figaros of all colours and designs. Kevin had kindly set aside a demonstration area where we could drive the car round and show people how it worked and give a quick demonstration of how it was made. It was a brilliant day all round and a real celebration of all things Figaro! Jason and Steve were able to join as well and we all took turns driving the car around the field for the very first time. At the end of the day there was even a prize ceremony and we were especially surprised to win an award for best customisation!

A huge thank you to Kevin and everyone who helped organise the event.


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