Progress Summary

(Here's a little glimpse into what's in our blog)

After years of interest in electric vehicles and owning several Nissan Figaros (one that was destined for the scrap heap), the idea was born to create an electric Nissan Figaro using parts of a Nissan Leaf to make the Fig-Leaf as authentic as possible. Having researched many existing conversions, we visited Fully Charged Live in 2019 to ask the experts. Several companies who convert classic cars to electric confirmed that because of power losses from the Figaro's automatic gearbox, you would not be able to get very good range by simply swapping out the engine for a motor as has been tried in the past. 


So this got me thinking: What if you swapped the whole drive system?  My online research led to Damien Maguire's YouTube channels and as luck would have it, he was running an EV conversion course in October 2019 which I attended and learned the basics needed to start the conversion. 


Meanwhile, the sad news came that our Figaro was beyond repair. This meant that we would need to source a replacement Figaro body to be able to build the car up from scratch.

The next task was to find a donor Leaf. Thankfully we were able to source a 2013 Nissan Leaf from a scrappage auction and so began the gruelling process of removing the components needed for the conversion.


Once that was done, we set about reassembling and testing the electronic drive system outside of the vehicle. So far so good.


Once testing is complete we will begin assembling the new drive system within the vehicle so we can make any final changes to the design.

This is an ongoing project and currently we are looking to source the right body shell (if you have one please get in touch). Once that is done we will be able to begin assembly.