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Fun with Figs

At the end of 2015, my girlfriend's Nissan Micra had a bump and sadly we needed a replacement. While looking, she had come across an image of a pretty extraordinary '50s style car that was built in the early '90s. She always said that a classic wasn't for her as she only drives automatics so imagine her delight when she discovered this car was automatic too. This was how she first discovered the Nissan Figaro.

I found out about the Figaro around the same time when, seeing the car she was looking at I turned to her and said "What is that ridiculous car?"

She responded by saying "My new car is not ridiculous!"

To which I replied "Well then whose car is that?"

We immediately set off and bought the first one we saw, with very little knowledge or research, a flawless plan for any prospective car buyer. We named her Mertyl and she proved to be the noblest and most reliable of vehicles... for about 6 months before her head gasket blew, which we duly fixed. This kept her on the road for another year before the true extent of her rust problems began to emerge. She soon got to the point where she was no longer safe to drive so we had to take her off the road, but we had an idea that she would be destined for greater things.


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