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Turning over a new Leaf - Part 2

You should not be working on high (or low) voltage electrical systems without proper training and safety equipment. Please refer to the EV Safety section for more information.

With the leaf ensconced in our new garage and the battery successfully removed I set to work on removing the high voltage electronics. The first job when working on any vehicle with a high voltage battery is to locate and remove the emergency disconnect. On the leaf, this separates the battery mechanically from the rest of the vehicle allowing you to remove the other components safely. The components you may wish to salvage depend heavily on the kind of vehicle you are trying to convert, in the case of the Fig-Leaf these include: The motor/gearbox/driveshafts, inverter, battery, DC-DC junction box, charger, heater and coolant pumps. The high voltage cables and connectors are easy to spot as they are required by law to be bright orange.


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