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Board to Tears

I have previously covered the excellent EV Conversion Course run by Damien Maguire and Kevin Sharpe hosted by New Electric Ireland in County Wicklow. This course taught us the value and flexibility of using existing EV and Hybrid components in our conversions. I had already decided to use the Nissan Leaf for the electrical running gear of the Fig Leaf and this now gave me a few options for how I wanted to control the Leaf's running gear. Several designs already exist for boards to control the Leaf Inverter from Paul Holmes, Johannes Heubner and Damien Maguire to name a few. I decided to use Damien Maguire's VCU control board as we spent a bit of time learning about it from Damien himself which he is using in The Grey Goose. To order one of these boards I visited Damien’s shop at:

I ordered a pre-assembled board as well as a bare board which I will attempt to assemble at a much later date.


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